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Ryan Wheatley

Ryan Wheatley


Although predominantly a trade supplier, our combined years of experience in the industry provide a unique position of being able to offer professional advice to the DIY enthusiast. Speak to one of our team about any project you may be about to undertake. We can offer advice on anything from costing a job to estimating the amount of material required. We are always available to offer friendly advice.

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See below for an example of a common DIY roofing project.
As part of our service we will endeavour to add new projects as we develop our website.


Re-felting a Garden Shed Roof


Items required: New Roll of Felt, Hammer, Tape Measure, Felt Nails, 30mm nails.
Remove roof fascia strips from gable ends, then remove the old or damaged felt.
Put fascia strips to one side so they can be refit latter and discard old felt.
You will need to cut the roll of roofing felt to size with a sharp craft knife and a straightedge.

  unroll felt

1 Unroll the roofing felt then measure and cut three pieces: one for each roof panel, and a third strip to be laid along the apex, to prevent water seeping in. The pieces covering the roof panels should run the full length of the shed with a 50mm overhang at either end. The third piece covering the apex should be the same length and extend at least 75mm over each roof panel.

  nail felt

2 Lay the first piece of felt over one side panel, with a 50mm overhang at the eave. Tack it along the top edge with felt nails about 300mm apart. Then fix it down along the gable ends and eave with felt nails at 100mm intervals. Repeat the other side. Place the third strip of felt over the top of the roof and nail it along each edge at 100mm intervals.

  secure corners

3 Tidy up the felt at the corners: cut it to the edge, fold it neatly and tack it down. Hammer the roof fascia in place using 40mm nails over the felt on the front and back gable ends. Use four nails per strip.

  tidy felt

4 Secure each corner trim with three evenly spaced 30mm nails.