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Darren Wheatley

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TwinPlas Gutter Profile UK


Twinplas gutter profile (Patent Office Registered Design 2102345) is a rainwater system which has been designed to replace old-fashioned timber troughing or for new applications requiring a more traditional appearance.


The product weighs less than 3kg per metre and is available with unique sleeve connectors which simply slide over the gutter profile. Also available are integrated down pipe fittings, internal and external mitre joints.


Twinplas is the perfect choice for replacement guttering in the public sector private housing and commercial applications.


The Twinplas gutter profile is a PVC extrusion available in 3, 5 and 6 metre lengths. Having been thoroughly tested and proven in the differing climates of many parts of Europe the unique clip / sleeve connectors have the benefit of factory applied Silicone Rubber Gasket Seals.



Fitting Guide

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Cut the gutter profile to the required length.

Sleeve Connector

Clip the gutter profile into the fascia brackets or rest on the stone corbels.

Apply 796 silicone to the gutter and slide the sleeve connectors to the correct position.

Raise the sleeve connector in the channel portion of the gutter with a small wedge or chisel and pump

a generous amount of 796 between the sleeve connector and the gutter. Fill any gaps with 796 silicone

and fix the connector to the gutter on the top edge using self tapping screws.



End caps and outlets must be sealed using 796 Silicone.

Silicone can be applied to the corbels or brackets to help secure the gutter.

Finnished roofline

796 sealant






796 Silicone is a low modulus, neutral curing silicone which gives excellent

adhesion to PVC-u and must be used according to the manufacturers instructions.